Signs That the Interview Was Successful


Your job interview seems to have gone well. You answered all of the interviewer’s questions, explained how your experience matches the company’s needs, showed good self-presentation, and even had a laugh. All indications are that you passed the interview with flying colors and your job search is over.

However, did you really make as strong an impression as you think you did? Can you really determine if it was a good experience? It’s easy to start doubting yourself after an interview. Below we’ve outlined 5 signs you can tell if your interview went well.

Length of the interview

Interview schedules are usually tightly packed, with candidates fitting in between existing meetings and other recruiter tasks. If the interview lasts longer than planned and drags on for more than 5 minutes, it is an indication that the interviewer likes what they hear.

Rapport with the interviewer

This is a key factor in determining if the interview went well. You can usually sense when the recruiter listens attentively, asks clarifying questions, and when the conversation flows smoothly without awkward pauses or awkward moments.


If you are asked to provide references at the first stage of the interview, it means that the company is seriously impressed and wants to speed up the process. So before the interview, make sure you have a list of experts in your field ready to provide you with references and take calls from potential employers.

Body Language

Try to gauge the interviewer’s body language. Smiling, leaning forward and making eye contact are all signs that the interviewer is interested in you and what you have to say.

Counter questions

If a recruiter offers to call or email you with questions, it means they are genuinely interested in both the company and the candidate learning more about each other so they can make a mutually beneficial decision.