The National Hiring Event

This summer, let’s continue to grow

Biggest Hiring Event in History

DATE: July 23rd, 2020
TIME: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
PLACE: Right Here!

We are proud to present one of the biggest hiring events in history. For one day across the United States, we will hold a virtual hiring event to give career seekers the opportunity to learn more about the opportunities available and employers looking to meet and hire great talent in a variety of positions. The mission of the National Hiring Event is to not only put 2020 people back to work, but to provide sustainable and safe employment. We invite you to Grow With Us!

This event will be an ideal opportunity to meet representatives of various companies, network with employers and other career seekers in your industry, gain insight into numerous industries, and expand your network. 2020 Back to Work!

National Hiring Event

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