7 Tips for Aspiring Professionals


At the beginning of our professional journey, we unwittingly make a lot of mistakes. Starting with relationships with colleagues and superiors, and ending with the choice of field. We often get an idea of the latter from movie or TV series characters, opinion leaders and celebrities, and choose a field that should be interesting to us.

Here are some tips that will help you avoid typical mistakes and move faster on the career ladder.

Don’t wait for a miracle and start acting

In your first year, we do not advise you to immediately go looking for a full-time job, take time to adapt. Try to participate in university activities. For example, by taking part in an open day, you will be able to assess how much the event sphere is interesting to you and would like to develop in this direction.

When you realize that the university workload is not enough and you want more, try volunteer programs or project work.

These are two forms of employment where you can choose your own work days. Thanks to these opportunities, you will be able to see the “inner workings” unvarnished.

Rejection is not the end of the line

If you are rejected because of lack of experience, young age or banal lack of places, remember – there are exceptions. There are always exceptions. You just had to show the recruiter your interest and serious attitude. For example, respond not only on job sites, but also look for positions on the company’s website and in social networks, pay more attention to the cover letter and explain to the recruiter at the interview that you are ready to combine work and study.

Value yourself and your labor

Very often beginners are offered to work for an idea, but this is wrong. Work should be paid. Yes, the salary may be small, but it should be.

If you are offered such an option, sit down and write out in a column your skills, perhaps you know how to write enticing posts or make colorful and interesting presentations – it’s all work. Now think about how much you will spend on travel, food and coffee breaks.

And answer honestly, how much motivation is enough?

Negative experience is also useful

If, after working in a certain field, you realize that it’s not your thing – don’t be afraid to leave. Sometimes it is worth “quitting” what you have been striving for so long to find something to your liking. After all, the main thing is experience.

Don’t be afraid to ask

The salary of young employees is lower precisely because of the lack of experience. The manager expects you to learn and develop your skills, so asking questions is a good thing. Questions will show the manager your interest in the outcome.

Come with a solution, not a problem

If the basic difficulties have been dealt with, what about force majeure? Yes, you have your superiors and you can always turn to them for advice. But try to think for a minute, how would you solve the problem? Throw a couple of options, the most effective, in your opinion. When you come to your boss, you will show that you have made an effort and ask not for help, but for advice.

Accumulate experience and don’t miss out on interesting opportunities

If you are interested in everything and want to try yourself in completely different spheres, the advice is simple – try! Now is the best time. We live in an amazing age where employers are interested in cross functional specialists. Don’t be afraid of recruiters’ questions about why you changed jobs, just be prepared to answer them. Tell them more about the transitions, explain the reasons. Do not forget to emphasize the experience that will be useful in this position.

It is impossible to avoid all mistakes, they are part of life, including the professional path. But you can avoid repeating the trivial ones and learn from the experience of others.

Take the advice above and start acting, try everything that is interesting or potentially can interest you. Over time, you will certainly realize what inspires you, and what, on the contrary, takes away your strength. And then your career path will start to emerge.